Michael Jackson’s Ghost Lurking Around Neverland Ranch

Michael Jackson's Ghost

Could Michael Jackson’s ghost be lurking around? That is the question many people wondered about a few years ago when it appeared that the Larry King and CNN seemed to catch a mysterious shadow during an interview at Neverland Ranch.

While filming inside Neverland, the camera moves its focus down a hallway after the interview briefly talks about the doors, and Michael’s privacy. When the camera pans down the hallway you can see what appears to be a shadown move from left to right.

While many have said, including CNN, that the shadow is simply from the CNN camera crew, how is one absolutely sure. It could simply be a shadow made by the CNN crew, or maybe it actually is Michael Jackson’s ghost making an appearance for Larry King.

While nobody will ever quite know the answer, it just adds more to MJ’s legacy.

Michael Jackson’s Ghost

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